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About The Essential Benefits Group

Our group consists of professional, experienced financial planners and high skilled specialists.


Through many years of independent research, we have identified many insurance and investment traps, as well as poor advice that is propagated to the general public through television, the internet, and financial advisors.


We also recognize that our clients demand smarter and tax-efficient ways to protect their assets and investments. Hence we are committed to educate and provide personalized care to each and every client.


This web site provides a sample of the due diligence we deliver.



Why use our services?

We work closely with many financial institutions, including insurance, investment and lending companies, to create and deliver unique solutions. Because we don't place business exclusively through a single company, you can be assured that your interests and needs will come first.


There is absolutely no cost and no obligation to you at any time because the financial company you choose will pay our brokers for your business.


We place business through Simon L. Jackson Insurance Broker Ltd (established 1981), a service-oriented distributor providing access to most of the major insurance companies, investment firms, and lending institutions. This also enables us to deliver insurance products at the lowest cost possible.


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Victor Camba

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