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Disability insurance guide
for Toronto and the GTA.

What would you do if your income stopped today?


Where would the money come from for your living expenses?


Would your business survive if you, a partner or an employee
were disabled?


Disability insurance provides you with financial security when an
accident or illness causes you to be disabled and unable to work.

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Which type to buy?

Disability Insurance for Established Independent Professionals and Executives
Find high quality fully-featured professional plans suitable for high-earning professionals, executives, and business owners.

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Disability Insurance for Outplaced Or Terminated Professionals and Executives

Protect an income in the event of disability while in occupational transition.

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Overhead Expense Plan
Pay for specific expenses that a business owner continues to be responsible for, even in the event of a disability.

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Buy/Sell Agreement Plan
Provide the necessary funds to enable one or more business owners to purchase shares of a disabled partner or shareholder in the event of a total disability.

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Buyer beware!

I have disability insurance. Why do I need
critical illness insurance?

Can you take a 40% reduction in your income
today and still maintain your current lifestyle?
See how you can't afford to be without both plans!

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