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Consumer Alert: Bank's mortgage life insurance

Did you know that you are not obligated to buy mortgage life insurance from your bank?


Replace it now with term insurance. Here's why:

  • Significant savings versus banks!
  • Safer, superior coverage and flexibility.
  • Shop among top insurance companies in Canada.


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Say "NO" to the bank's insurance:

Mortgage insurance is meant to offer peace of mind. Most people pay the premiums and think they're covered. But some have discovered - when it's too late - that they aren't. - CBC Marketplace


Quick examples on how you can save money.


Features not available with bank's insurance.


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"We offer clients choices which are superior in every way to those plans offered at the banks. Not only can they save a lot of money, but they can enjoy peace of mind knowing they are covered in the even of death, disability, or a critical illness."

- Victor Camba, Managing Director