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Here are just some of the comments that we have received from our clients regarding our professional services:



“Looking back, I have really appreciated your professional guidance designing and managing a solid portfolio that completely addresses my future goals. Your suggestion to employ an investment strategy to both reduce my taxable income and accelerate the growth in my portfolio really opened my eyes! I am delighted to recommend you to my friends and colleagues, knowing they’ll be in good hands.”

- Kevin Pearson, Account Executive, Klick Communications Inc.



“I really appreciate how you don't just stay loyal to one line of products, you do the research and recommend the best product that's out there that will benefit your clients the most. And your custom-tailored cost-benefit analysis for your investment strategies combined with tax-deductions is remakably ingenious! I feel more confident about facing my future family planning and retirement goals, knowing that my finances are in good hands. Thanks for the great service! I'll spread the word around.”

- Imshun J.



“My wife and I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work and effort in providing us with our recent insurance and investment portfolio. We greatly appreciated you taking the time to clearly explain all the terms and conditions. You have been extremely professional and courteous with us. We wish you all the best and look forward to referring your services to our friends.” - Angelo & Rosemary D.



“You showed us how buying insurance entailed much more than just obtaining quotes. Your insurance analysis was clear and detailed, and at the end of our discussion there was no doubt over the amount of insurance and product we were buying.” - Grace & Wesley N.



“We are greatful to have been introduced to your incredible investment program that gives us additional annual tax deductions while completely protecting our deposits. We always believed RRSPs were the best way to save for retirement, but we now know better! ” - Ernie C.



“I wish to thank you for taking the time to explain what I needed in disability and criticall illness insurance in a straightforward and comprehensive manner. I previously made the mistake of buying what my co-workers had bought without really understanding the product or even what my needs were. I now own a plan that suits my present and future needs perfectly. I will recommend my co-workers to discuss their disability needs with you to make sure they too have a suitable plan.” - Julio F.



“ is, by far, the most informative and useful website I came across while researching the various types of life insurance on the market. The articles posted on the site are clear, educational, and very helpful.” - Doug S.



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